• shaft mining, Waterschei

  • Palmarium, Ghent University

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GNI_D_GH_50_APR2005, 2005
print mounted on pvc
80 x 115 cm
31,5 x 45,3 inches


GNI_D_GH_50_APR2005 is one of Ervinck’s first computer-generated drawings. This drawing shows a street or an urban, industrial landscape filled with objects originating from Ervinck’s imagination. The buildings in the background resemble gigantic hot-houses. A wooden construction (referring to a crane on a coalmine) holds a peculiar organic tree-like object. This yellow organic object refers to nature, but as well to the growing and manipulating of plants in these hot-houses. Surrounding this central construction are floating objects. This landscape seems to evoke the ruins of the future. This drawing is of crucial importance in Ervinck’s oeuvre, as it indicates a mental shift: this is the first computer-generated drawing which hasn’t been (and which did not need to be) realised in the physical world.