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75 x 200 cm
29,5 x 78,7 inches


The design has its basis in a series of digital designed ‘blob sculptures’: computer generated forms that question the rigidity and immobility of the architectural stucture. This tension between blobs and boxes is a recurring theme in the work of Nick Ervinck and is reflected by applying different copy-paste techniques of 3D technology in sculpture.These forms are however not permanently situated in the virtual space but were turned back in a graphic abstraction. The result is a dynamic line drawing that refers to the traditional graphic techniques, but also to contemporary grafitti, street art and digital design.

2016   In love with beauty, Art Transfo - Zwevegem, BE
2015   Kunst@Rode Kruis, Klooster Sancta Maria - Ronse, BE
GNI-RI may2015, Kapel Clarenhof - Hasselt, BE